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$5,000 is our current fundraising goal

Primary Mission  Infastructure

* 2-Meter Short Wave Radio Build, Antenna, & Support structure 

* HAM Rado Amateure Technician Operators License 

* Professional sound capturing, editing, & production equipment 

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2018 Exhibitions, 

Workshops, & Engagements:

* SheWolf Performance in May

* Signal Culture Residency in June

* July Exhibition in Indianapolis, IN

* Fall DIY Build Workshops

* Monthly Frequency Workouts

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Your contributions are invaluable to us.

With your help, we achieved 112.2% of our 2017 goal!

First Dinner Lab raises 12.2% of fundraising goal!

Dinner Labs are unique meal-based events where YOU get to directly participate in a night of custom sonic driven events 

We hope you will join us at our table!

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