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Status Reports 

Check back here to review progress, project, and meeting reports. 

Narrative of Major Activities: October 15 - November 8

Site Visit at ESS:

Met with ESS staff to determine layout possibilities within the space. Everyone was very supportive of our use of multiple rooms as well as the existing radio station to broadcast our performance via radio and a web stream.


Develop sonic score for Oscillations Sonic Lab :

Composed multiple tracks for the four spaces at Experimental Sound Studio based on further research into Solfeggio tones, morse code translations of our mission, and recorded text artist statements.

Work with transmitters to determine installation for ESS:

Using 12 radio receivers and 4 transmitters, we determined a working setup for multiple transmissions within the same location. Modifications to existing radios included stripping outer casings and antenna configuration.

Built surface transducers for plant installation:

We created an installation using our house plants and surface mount transducers on top of a grand piano. The vibrations of delta waves caused the plants to move and dance to the frequencies.


Lighting patch and install:

Wrote a lighting patch in MaxMSP for controlling the shifting lights during our performance. The rate and timing of fades were drawn from the base sound score elements. Each room was lit with specific color frequencies which coordinated with the tones broadcast into that space.


Home sonic lab:

We invited a small number of audience for a sonic lab at the house on October 29 as a test run of the tones, broadcast and lighting score for ESS. We received thorough creative feedback which fed the final preparations for our presentation.



JCSpaceRadio’s first public presentation on Friday November 4. Our Sonic Lab was well attended by an audience mostly made up of individuals previously unfamiliar with our project. The initial greeting and audience choreography created a sense of community within the group. Generous audience feedback from our lab will greatly inform our future iterations.

Next Week’s Planned Activities

HCL Sponsored artist proposal

Currents New Media proposal

2nd Floor Rear proposal

Brainstorming for fundraising plan

UHF radio build

Completed Task List Items:

  • Meetings: Jenn and Christine met on 10/18, 10/20, 10/21, 10/25, 10/27, 10/28, 11/1 and 11/3 to develop material, score, and installation for Oscillations.

  • Worked with hemispherical speaker, subwoofer and synthesizer

  • Purchase materials for ESS install including transmitters and transducers.

  • Continued research into technical and theoretical backing for our work.

QUICK JCSpaceRadio Status –

Environmental Control Group:                                                                                                 

   Component                                 Status      

   @JCSpaceRadio                           ON                              ON            

   2-meter radio                              OFFLINE    

   Project Debrief                             IDLE         

   Build Workshop                            IDLE         

   Sonic Lab                                    OPERATE        

Week Look Ahead:

Wednesday, 11/09: Independent work on proposals due this week

Thursday,  11/10: Meet to finalize proposals


Friday,  11/11: Submit proposal for 2nd Floor Rear

Saturday,  11/12: Day off

Sunday, 11/13: Day off

Monday, 11/14: Independent work on proposals due this week

Tuesday,  11/15: Submit Currents New Media proposal

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