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Status Reports 

Narrative of Major Activities: July 25 - August 7, 2016

Propeller Grant Proposal Completion and Submission :

Proposal, Budget and work sample reel created and submitted.


Meeting at Pumping Station One to build alternative material speakers:

Jenn and Christine met with Jesse Seay to build alternative material speakers and continue to assess the feasibility of hosting Build Workshops at Pumping Station One.


Radio Build:

Continuation of schematic development and research.  Defining JCSpaceRadio build timeline vs. public radio builds.  



All content continues to be updated and expanded.  New pages added: “about us” & “ISS Tracker.”


Next Week’s Planned Activities

  • Meeting with Cynthia Bond re: Performing Home at High Concept Laboratories

  • Delve into research regarding primary project objectives


In the Month Ahead:

  • Schedule meeting with Jes’s grandfather and set up interview schedule

  • Radio Test kit and initial reference materials ordered


Completed Task List Items

  • Created vimeo account and upload work sample reel

QUICK JCSpaceRadio Status –

Environmental Control Group:                                                                                                 

   Component                                 Status      

   @JCSpaceRadio                           MANUAL                         ON            

   2-meter radio                              OFFLINE    

   Project Debrief                             IDLE         

   Build Workshop                            IDLE         

   Sonic Lab                                    IDLE          

Week Look Ahead:

Monday, 08/08: Independent research

Tuesday,  08/09: Meeting with Cynthia Bond 6:30pm - Independent work time

Wednesday,  08/10: Independent research + website updates

Thursday,  08/11: Independent research

Friday, 08/12: Independent research

Saturday, 08/13: Organize JCSR Studio space

Sunday,  08/14: Meeting at Pumping Station One at 2pm

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