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Status Reports 

Narrative of Major Activities: September 26 - October 14

Completed track for Oscillations Mixtape:

Refined frequency tone samples and found sound samples included in the composition. Created composition and mixdown for release by Experimental Sound Studio to promote the Oscillations series.


Build and testing of simple FM transmitter:

Using the circuit designed by Tetsuo Kogawa, we built two working transmitters after troubleshooting the first iteration. First radio transmission of Beta tones successful!


Meeting with Performing Home collaborators:

Met with Cynthia Bond and Performing Home collaborators to discuss the project and collaboration opportunities with other artists and dramaturgs. Began research into domestic space as a theoretical framework for this performance.


Develop spatial choreography using GIFs:

We are exploring possibilities for audience movement during live performance using the GIF format to create moving images.  



Created Events page and began promoting upcoming performance at Experimental Sound Studio. Continued development of frequency and resource page content.


Next Week’s Planned Activities:

Develop timeline/score for live performance

Continue to develop software system for live performance of frequency mix

Begin working in laboratory space on spatialized sound and lighting scores

Site visit at Experimental Sound Studio

Begin UHF radio build


Completed Task List Items:

  • Meetings: Jenn and Christine met on 9/30, 10/11, and 10/14 to discuss ongoing project development and preparation for upcoming performances.

  • Add to additional funding sources, and performance opportunities for the next year

    • Currents New Media Art Festival

    • DCASE Individual Artist Program

  • Submit proposal to Keith at Vintage Quest regarding performance lab space downstairs

  • Purchase research materials for radio build

QUICK JCSpaceRadio Status –

Environmental Control Group:                                                                                                 

   Component                                 Status      

   @JCSpaceRadio                           ON                              ON            

   2-meter radio                              OFFLINE    

   Project Debrief                             IDLE         

   Build Workshop                            IDLE         

   Sonic Lab                                    WARMUP        

Monday, 10/17: Impromptu individual and collaborative work sessions.


Tuesday,  10/18: Scheduled planning and build meeting


Wednesday,  10/19: Impromptu individual and collaborative work sessions


Thursday,  10/20: Site Visit at Experimental Sound Studio


Friday, 10/21: Impromptu individual and collaborative work sessions


Saturday, 10/22: Day Off


Sunday,  10/23: Trinket Workshop at Pumping Station One

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