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Status Reports 

Narrative of Major Activities for the Week: September 19 - September 25, 2016

Review promotional materials and refine shared short bio and statement:

Generate short promotional text to support application and performance opportunities. Look at images and choose a few that well represent our current and future activities. Create shared headshot image.


Generate sound samples for mixtape:

Listen to existing materials and gather additional source material. Discuss ideas for composition, timing, feeling and plan for sound spatialization.


Prepare materials in preparation for meeting with Performing Home dramaturgs and artists:

Create preliminary performance narrative and show sketches, share links to sounds and video.


Explore alterations on binaural beats:

Options for producing relative frequencies with MaxMSP, two channel surround systems. Generating a system for live performance.


Explore translation of binaural effect into light:

Two channel lighting/video installation, gels, projection, directing, pointing to, allowing for, natural light


Radio Build:

UHF radio station materials arrived. Flesh out build schedule. Determine types of radios used for live performance and order supplies including trim capacitor.



Create images for website so we have the rights to each one we are showing in the context of our aesthetics page.


Sensor Workshop at Pumping Station One:

Met with Jesse Seay and Women’s Electronics Workshop participants to look at various sensors and discuss possible applications.


Next Week’s Planned Activities

  • Finish sound sample for mixtape

  • Website updates

  • Begin UHF radio station build

  • Test BC337 transistor


Completed Task List Items:

  • Meetings: Jenn and Christine met on Tues September 20 and Saturday September 24 to discuss ongoing project development and preparation for upcoming performances.

  • Document Organization: Continue to refine budget, reference lists, training materials, and source materials.

  • Purchase plan for Wix site

  • Add to additional funding sources and residencies for the next year

    • Banff Body as Site

    • Ars Electronica Art & Science (European Southern Observatory)

  • Talk to Keith at Vintage Quest regarding performance lab space downstairs

  • Purchase research materials for radio build

QUICK JCSpaceRadio Status –

Environmental Control Group:                                                                                                 

   Component                                 Status      

   @JCSpaceRadio                           ON                              ON            

   2-meter radio                              OFFLINE    

   Project Debrief                             IDLE         

   Build Workshop                            IDLE         

   Sonic Lab                                    WARMUP        

Monday, 9/26: Impromptu individual and collaborative work sessions.


Tuesday,  09/27: Impromptu individual and collaborative work sessions leading to a 6pm schedule working meeting


Wednesday,  09/28: Impromptu individual and collaborative work sessions


Thursday,  09/29: Impromptu individual and collaborative work sessions


Friday, 09/30: Impromptu individual and collaborative work sessions


Saturday, 10/01: Submit mixtape materials


Sunday,  10/02: Meeting at Pumping Station One at 2pm

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