SheWolf, 2018

JCSpaceRadio participated in SheWolf hosting a 15 minute Frequency Workout during this evening-length multimedia performance work, which also included dance, music, and visual art.

SheWolf was an embodied exploration of the Wild Woman archetype within the Femme psyche. Its intention was to connect, honor, and celebrate the core constellations of feminine energy on individual and collective levels. 

Frequency Workouts are movement-based, dance-related classes where participants use tones and rhythms to create unique physical responses in a facilitated environment. Audience members were encouraged to participate from their seats or join in on stage.

SheWolf ran at the Den Theater, Chicago, IL, from May 28-30, 2018.

SheWolf Part 1 - JCSpaceRadio
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SheWolf Part 2 - JCSpaceRadio
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SheWolf Part 3 - JCSpaceRadio
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