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Recent Encounters

JCSR @ Que4 Radio
JCSR @ Que4 Radio
JCSR @ Que4 Radio

LIVE on Que 4 Radio

JCSR and friends hosted their first in-person showing since the COVID-19 Pandemic shutdowns of 2020 at Que 4 Radio on March 24, 2021. We were featured on Chi City Live hosted by Mike Rice, and simultaneously streamed on  Que4 live video platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.


Helping make 2020 Christmas wishes come true through iGrow Chicago!

We thank SheWolf for the invite to participate & MicroCenter Chicago, IL, for generous help with tech gift requests.

Together, we helped 3 families and 19 children have a happy and bright holiday!






11AM - 12PM


Frequency Workouts

@ OuterSpace

Join us for our upcoming

Frequency Workouts at OuterSpace Studios!

March 15th, 6:30pm

OuterSpace Studios is located at 1474 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

Learn more about Frequency Workouts here.

Honored by a 2018

Signal Culture Residency

One week of intense development for Roll Call exhibition


Jenn and Christine traveled to Owego, NY between June 8 - 15, 2018 to live and work at Signal Culture.


While in residence, they completed nearly 3 dozen Processing Sketches for the Raspberry Pi. These sketches utilize a Microsoft Kinect as the primary source of data input, resulting in a variety of visual outputs generated from direct interaction with the units. 

This work was featured as part of the Roll Call series, Indianapolis, IN, July 2018. Additional sketches developed at Signal Culture were featured visuals at the 2018 DAD Festival, Louder House, Chicago, IL, June 2018.


May 28 - 30, 2018

JCSpaceRadio participated 

alongside talented female dance artists for 3 nights of performance at the Den Theater in Chicago, IL.

JCSpaceRadio lands at WNAC

Hosts week long series of Sonic Labs and Frequency Workouts

Join us:

Tuesday, August 22nd, 10 AM - Noon

Thursday, August 24th, 3PM - 5PM

Saturday, August 26th, 2PM-4:30PM

Scottsblulff, NE: Join Chicago based JCSpaceRadio for a week-long series of encounters that will leave you with an out of this world experience! Three unique opportunities hosted in the Bronson Gallery at the West Nebraska Arts Center will offer direct participant engagement through Frequency Workouts and Sonic Labs, allowing for personal attunement to body-based frequencies.  


  • Frequency Workouts are a movement-based, dance related, class where participants use tones and rhythms to create unique physical responses in a facilitated environment. No prior dance or movement experience necessary.

  • Sonic Labs are a conversation based, community-centered experience of saturating in and responding to body-resonating frequencies, allowing for natural attunement of major body systems.


Drop-ins are welcome and there will be a $10 suggested donation for each class and/or a $15.00 donation for a series pass.


Frequency Workout Class

Thursday, July 20 7-8:30pm

OuterSpace Studios 1474 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago


Join us for a body-based exploration of tones and frequencies developed by JCSpaceRadio. This 1.5 hour class will consist of guided movement exercises, improvisations, and conversations to develop vocabularies, textures, and processes applicable to creative practice, performance, and healing arts. This class is open to anyone and no prior dance experience is required.

$10 suggested donation


We would love for you to join us at our table!
Purchase tickets here.
JCSpaceRadio is proud and excited to invite you to attend one of our Dinner Lab Fundraising Events.Tickets are on sale now for dinner seats on June 30, July 1 or July 2.
Dinner starts at 7pm in our in-home laboratory, the Copper Palace (1101 N California Ave).
The evening will feature a five course meal inspired by the bounty of summer’s produce and the favorite dishes eaten by astronauts working aboard the International Space Station. This frequency rich evening will also include performances and presentations, with opportunities to directly participate in our project, and for physical attunement through sonic broadcasts.
You help guide JCSpaceRadio with your hearts...but the heart is only as big as the belly.
Purchase a seat to expand those hearts and stomachs both in one night, among friends. Tickets for the evening’s events are $75 each, with opportunities to support of our fantastic programs in the future.
We want you to celebrate with us knowing exactly where your financial contributions are going, because your support is more important now than ever.
Over the next year, we will be investing in infrastructure that will complete part of our primary mission - building a 2-meter shortwave ham radio. We are also seeking funding to provide sponsorship for our DIY workshop participants, making information and conversation accessible to underprivileged communities. In addition, this August during the total solar eclipse, we will be in Western Nebraska producing a week long series of events.
We look forward to sharing more information about our upcoming initiatives as part of the Dinner Lab experience!
Can't make it? Another way to participate is to make a donation to JCSpaceRadio to help us keep supporting the artists that experiment, create, and collaborate in our wonderful home. 
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Ritual Through Diaspora

Saturday, February 4, 2nd Floor Rear

Hume Gallery and Tritriangle, Chicago

Facilitated by Christine Shallenberg in Chicago and Jenn Cooper in Thailand, “Ritual Through Diaspora” was a physical exploration of resonances of tranquility. Traveling trunks expanded to create a space for an intimate ritual gathering that engaged with bodies scattered from their original homelands. A live radio broadcast accompanied the Chicago presentation and was accessed by individuals in the vicinity.

Tonal broadcast were body-based and focused on the frequencies of organs.

j e l l o

Monday, January 30


Links Hall, Chicago

JCSpaceRadio presented a Project(debrief) to introduce audience members to the project goals. Tonal broadcasts were be body-based and focused on the frequencies of organs. Audience members were invited to contribute and respond to the work.


Friday, November 4

Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago

JCSpaceRadio presented a frequency sculpture using light, live radio broadcast, and movement scores exploring electromagnetic energy at the physical level. Part performance lecture, part dance, and part meditation – we will put you in our sonic womb and hold you close.

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