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I find it important to discuss that which we can not see and, therefore, do not understand or have the ability to know, because these areas of personal and collective blindness limit the articulation and realization of our lived existence.


The ability to see (perceive and/or create a [mental/internal] image) and the ability to know (understand; an awareness) are inextricably connected.  Both of these physical and psychological processes are conditioned and refined through the teachings of culture and society. In this regard, they can be severely limited and/or unconditionally opened through lived standards.  


When we turn off our awareness to changes in our routinely encountered environments, we begin to deny our ability to eventually create an entirely different physical outcome for our existence in them.  Additionally, this encourages a deeper transcendence of this denial and blindness, allowing it to inhibit the conceptual potential of personal and, on a larger collective scale, societal reality.  




I am inclined to take the perspective of the object, and I question if sentience can be experienced if provided a vessel through which it interacts/experiences/witnesses.




What is Presence?  It extends beyond embodiment.


A vibrational state; existing in a manner that somehow “holds space” for itself.  (It’s pressing out, therefore it can press upon.)


In regards to frequency, the higher the vibration (in energy and intensity), the greater potential it has to move both far the through.  Loose the body but retain the consciousness, a possibility for multi-dimensional be-ing and co-existence with this (human) plane of consciousness.




Do elementals (actants as Jane Bennett refers to them as) have the agency to network themselves?  Carefully self assembled, so that, when channeled just so, an experience is created resulting in an output (change of state)? 


More technologically advanced types pulling together circuits, programs, algorithms, to conjure a different awareness/experience of that which we call the everyday?




How can we open ourselves to a new way of seeing/be-ing/perceiving?   How can we evolve to co-exist with the more subtly present?  


When boundaries are obliterated, the opportunity presents itself for the redefinition of relationships to everything; a liberation, and opening.


Fear not the floor falling out, the walls pulling back, space becoming the void. Although ungrounding and destabilizing, vast uncharted territory awaits. Unfathomable consequences of consciousness expansion provide the seedbeds of agency.




What is the shape of our collective data signals? The dimensional cloud of our wifi seeping into space - what does it look like to that by which it can be perceived? 


Every radio, TV, and satellite transmission is traveling in all directions outward.  What beauty can be made of this (seemingly imperceptible) residua?



ca. 2017

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