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Color! Family Days @ Newfields, 2019

Family Days is a series of activities aimed at exploring art and concepts from a range of different experiences hosted by Newfields in Indianapolis, IN. JCSpaceRadio participated in Color! December, 2019.

We produced unique sets of tones and projections for each of the colors in the visible spectrum, ROY G BIV. For each color, a mini Frequency Workout was offered as a way to feel and move with the color's frequencies.

The use of Processing sketches with Kinect sensors provided an interactive environment for museum visitors. We combined aspects of our monthly Frequency Workouts with the tones and the sketches to create a fun filled day for visitors of all ages. Newfields provided SubPacks, helping visitors feel vibrations otherwise unheard by the human ear, while the use of a Max Patch controlled surround sound system reverberated into the museum's atrium space.

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