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Status Reports 

Check back here to review progress, project, and meeting reports. 

Narrative of Major Activities: 12/22/16 - 03/05/17

Submitted Department of Cultural Affairs of Chicago grant application:

We applied for a grant from the city of Chicago to support travelling projects for 2017. All aspects of the DCASE submission were reviewed by Jenn and Christine and refined to meet submission requirements.


Completion of Trunks 1 and 2 for use in 2nd Floor Rear presentation:

We built the first two travelling trunks for JCSR which include speakers and amplifiers, radio broadcast devices, live video feed support, radio receiver devices, and space expanding mats for audience seating.

Work in Progress presentation for  j e l l o, Links Hall, Chicago:

We presented a Project(debrief) to introduce audience members to the project goals. Tonal broadcasts were be body-based and focused on the frequencies of organs. Audience members were invited to contribute and respond to the work.

Ritual Through Diaspora presented for 2nd Floor Rear in 3 Venues:

Jenn (in Thailand) and Christine (in Chicago) presented “Ritual Through Diaspora” - a physical exploration of resonances of tranquility. At Hume gallery, the home of Sara Zalek, and tritriangle, traveling trunks expanded to create a space for an intimate ritual gathering that engaged with bodies scattered from their original homelands. A live radio broadcast accompanied the presentation and was accessed by individuals in the vicinity.


Wave Forms Proposal Submitted:

JCSR wrote and submitted a proposal for a residency at the Wave Farm in upstate new york focusing on the build of resonating plant tables and research on radio broadcast techniques.


Next Planned Activities

  • Develop tones for Frequency Workout classes

  • Develop movement structure for FW classes

  • Build Plant Tables



Completed Task List Items

  • Meetings: Jenn and Christine met via phone on Thursday 1/19 and via web on Friday 1/27 to discuss DCASE submission and plan for jello and 2FR performances

QUICK JCSpaceRadio Status –

Environmental Control Group:                                                                                                 

   Component                                 Status      

   @JCSpaceRadio                           WARMUP                         ON            

   2-meter radio                              OFFLINE    

   Project Debrief                            WARMUP    

   Build Workshop                           IDLE         

   Sonic Lab                                   OPERATE        

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